Responsible Resource Development


Natural resources are an important part of the fabric of Canada’s economy. This country has enormous natural wealth, from huge reserves of energy to massive tracts of forest and an abundance of minerals and metals.

Responsible Resource Development (RRD) means jobs, long-term growth and prosperity for all Canadians — both today and for generations to come. [More. . .]

Natural resources are driving economic growth across the country. They are creating good jobs, not only directly but also indirectly, in manufacturing, clerical work, skilled trades and financial services.
The Government of Canada believes that economic prosperity and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive goals.
Through its plan for Responsible Resource Development, the Government of Canada is dedicated to enhancing Aboriginal engagement and consultation as part of our commitment to respecting Aboriginal Peoples’ rights as we move forward with the development of our natural resources.
The Government of Canada’s commitment to create a world-class marine tanker safety system through its plan for Responsible Resource Development is enhancing safety for shipping on both our east and west coasts.
As a result of Canada’s strong marine safety regime, tankers have been moving safely along Canada’s west coast for decades.
The Government of Canada will not proceed with any natural resource project unless it is safe for Canadians and safe for the environment.

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