Educational or Not-for-Profit Organization

Canada's Economic Action Plan (EAP) provides assistance to educational or not-for-profit organizations. You can select one of the following links to see a complete list of initiatives of interest to the following sectors:

Through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the federal government is creating value-added jobs through innovation.
Program to further advance the development of alternatives to existing isotope production technologies and help secure the supply of medical isotopes for Canadians.
This program is designed to stimulate the development of new technologies and accelerate the commercialization of innovative ideas that have the potential to significantly impact the economy in southern Ontario.
Through the stimulus phase of the Economic Action Plan, investments in social housing supported the construction and renovation of over 11,350 existing social housing renovation projects administered by provinces and territories nationwide. The Government of Canada invested an additional $150 million toward nearly 1,310 projects to renovate and retrofit federally administered social housing.
Through the stimulus phase of the Economic Action Plan, the government invested $200 million toward 210 social housing construction and renovation projects in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.
The Agricultural Flexibility Fund (AgriFlexibility) is a five year (2009-2014) program that seeks to improve the agricultural sector's competitiveness and help it adapt to pressures in a global marketplace.
Canada is helping those most in need, taking steps to accelerate poverty reduction in developing countries.
The Government of Canada’s investment in commemorating the War of 1812 is boosting tourism while allowing Canadians to learn about their history.
Attracting more international students and researchers to Canada will create jobs and economic growth, expand our people-to-people ties in priority markets, showcase Canadian research excellence abroad, help produce a more skilled workforce and foster closer ties between Canadian and international educational institutions.
This program, offered through Community Futures Development Corporations, supports business and community development in rural areas of Eastern Ontario.


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