Growth Through Innovation

Supporting Entrepreneurs, Innovators and World-Class Research

The global economy is changing. Competition for the brightest minds is intensifying. The pace of technological change is creating new opportunities while making older business practices obsolete. Canada's long-term economic competitiveness in the knowledge economy demands globally competitive businesses that innovate and create high-quality jobs.

Since 2006, the Government has provided nearly $8 billion in new funding for initiatives to support science, technology and the growth of innovative firms. It is committed to a new approach to supporting innovation in Canada by pursuing active business-led initiatives that focus resources on better meeting private sector needs.

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The Economic Action Plan includes initiatives that lower taxes and strengthen the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. This creates a solid foundation for Canadian manufacturers to create jobs and drives economic growth.
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Business Innovation

Canada’s aerospace sector is a global technology leader and a major source of high-quality jobs, directly employing 66,000 people across the country. It is among the most research-intensive industries in Canada.
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Small Business

Canada’s innovative small- and medium-sized businesses transform new discoveries into advanced products and technologies, bridging the gap between research and the marketplace. Recognizing their essential role in creating jobs, the Economic Action Plan includes many initiatives to help small businesses succeed in today’s economy.
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