Promoting Cleaner, Greener Living in Yukon

Photo, hill-top view of Mayo River running beside gravel access road.

Site preparation begins, including clearing and the construction of an access road.

Photo, Wooden foundation forms are built in excavated hole beside the river.

Footings and foundation are poured for new generating station.

Photo, Steam rises from shrouded construction site amongst snow.

Work continued through the winter on preparing the generating station building structure.

Photo, Two excavators lift a single section of inlet tube into ditch.

Huge tubes are installed for transporting water from the resevoir to the new generating station.

Photo, several additional sections of inlet tube rest on a hill above a completed section. Heavy equipment can be seen as well as the forested backdrop.

Work on the inlet tube continues through summer.

Photo, the forked end of the inlet tube as it enters the building that will house the generators.

The tube is split to feed into each of the turbines that will drive the new electric power generators.

Photo, view of one of the inlet tubes from inside the generator building.

Construction on the two inlet tubes continues inside the power generating facility.

Photo, side view of one of the water turbines amid temporary wooden safety barriers.

A close-up look at one of the two turbines that will drive the electricity generators.

Photo, the two turbines in place but covered by tarps while other construction continues.

Inlets and turbines now in place, work turns to installing the electric power generators and control systems.

Photo, interior view of the completed generating station with the two turbines, generators and electricity cables all in place.

The generating facility is now complete and providing up to 10 extra megawatts of power for Yukon residents and businesses.

Photo, large spool of high voltage wire on a truck bed with a worker observing.

New high voltage power lines are run to make the green energy available across all of Yukon Territory.

Photo, two Yukon Power employees in a boom platform working on connecting the new power lines.

Workers make the final connections to join the Whitehorse-Aishihik-Faro and Mayo-Dawson electrical grids.

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