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21 January, 2015

The $8.8 billion Building Canada Fund was established under the 2007 Building Canada plan to fund projects from 2007 to 2014. The Fund supports projects designed to deliver results in three areas of national importance including a stronger economy, a cleaner environment and strong and prosperous communities.
05 January, 2015

After paying her way through school and buying the necessary tools for her trade with the support of the Government of Canada apprenticeship grants, Nina is proudly graduating without any debt and is well on her way to obtaining her Red Seal ticket.
21 August, 2014

Listen to Dr. Martin Raillard, the Chief Scientist for CHARS, talk about the importance of the research station at the local, national and international levels.
03 March, 2014

Watch the video and see firsthand how Halifax has benefitted from the Building Canada Fund: the new Halifax Central Library has created jobs, strengthened the community and is a new attraction for visiting tourists.
23 January, 2014

Thanks to EAP stimulus funding, Montréal’s Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum was upgraded and modernized and now accommodates more visitors and new programming offerings. This national historical site is a wonderful cultural experience for Canadians and tourists alike.
29 August, 2013

Construction of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) and operation of the CHARS science and technology program will create jobs across the North and more specialized sectors in other parts of Canada. It also will stimulate business in Cambridge Bay and the local area. Northerners will acquire skills and experience that will help them get jobs in many industries—from mining to energy, to natural resource and wildlife management, and to health and life sciences.
25 June, 2013

Under Canada’s Economic Action Plan, Responsible Resource Development (RRD) creates jobs, growth and long-term prosperity while strengthening Canada’s competitiveness in the world economy.

In this video, the CEO of the oil and gas exploration company Junex tells us how RRD helps investors to advance their projects, creating high-quality jobs for young people and positive effects for families and communities.
20 June, 2013

Interview with Janice MacKinnon, Professor, University of Saskatchewan; Fellow, Royal Society of Canada; former provincial Minister of Finance. Janice MacKinnon describes how revenues improve the lives of all Canadians.